Published : VMRD magazine, Jun ‘15


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Airtel is one of India’s leading telecommunication companies

The world is becoming increasingly digital, and Airtel’s 4G service offers the fastest wireless net till date. Being the first mover, Airtel needed to enforce its edge on technology in the user mindspace. That was the prelude to the brief “Airtel is 4G and 4G is Airtel”. To spread awareness and the extent of its 4G service, the company decided to give a new brand offering and refurbish stores focusing 4G across.

Response to the brief was proposed to provide a 4G lounge where the customer could test 4G on various devices and get enthralled its features. To create modular design that can be retrofitted across stores. The idea behind these 4G modules was to create an experimental context which would be awareness oriented and help customers make an informed decision. All elements engendering the 4G experience have been constructed in modules to provide the ultimate brand experience. By including a gondola equipped with technological devices, security devices and 4G enablers, the retail space is transformed to a 4G zone. Customised wall panels serve as touch points for customers to fill out forms, and have infographics displayed based on current offers. Finally, poster panels are used as an important tool for cross communication. The whole journey was conceived from introduction, to experience, to purchase and to unboxing as pause points in the touchpoints.

This lounge established the 4G market for Airtel. Special attention to the window space with large icons, helped cement its edge.