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"Because I know
life is priceless"

Apollo Hospitals is widely recognized as the pioneer of private healthcare in India and has a robust presence across the healthcare spectrum. The Group has emerged as the foremost integrated healthcare provider in Asia, with mature group companies that specialize in insurance, pharmacy, consultancy, clinics and many such key touch points of the ecosystem.

The aim of this project was to design a high end looking pharmacy which is accessible to everyone. The concept was to create an international stand-up pharmacy with best of products and experience in browsing, to cultivate best of health.

Unlike a regular pharmacy its holistic experience starts from the road itself. While you are passing by, one can see a vertical road signage and planters at the facade, which is very inviting for a passer- by. After entering the store, the store visually is very clean with a language of straight lines and dominant colour use of grey and teel. These colours compliment the brand identity that’s acts like a trigger for the customers. The store follows a very symmetric plan. The store has also used technology to its optimum by infusing tablets with product scanners that helps the customer browse without any assistance and gives the customer a level of privacy and anonymity.

Materials used are PU on MDF, lucobond, glass and acrylic.