Awarded : Best in Speciality store & Best Store of the Year : VMRD ' 16

Apollo Pharmacy

experiencing health
"Because I know
life is priceless"

Hospital experience is seldom a happy experience. While navigating between Out Patient Department, Wards, Operation Theatre, ICUs & Emergency; patients and relatives need to make necessary stop-overs at the pharmacy to purchase prescribed medicines.

The key objective thus, in designing the pharmacy was to ‘de-pharmacise' the typical Hospital Pharmacy. The design has many triggers which channelize decision-making for the customer. Giant letters on the facade ensure that the existence of the P-H- A-R- M-A- C-Y is registered from afar. The entire space is legible from any point in the store. This transparency makes the space look bigger than what it is. Within the muted colours materials and textures, the lighting literally makes the store shine.

Colours trigger a primordial connects. The colour that triggers a connect with being healthy is the brilliance of natural light.