Awarded : Best in Health and beauty Specialty store : VMRD '19
Awarded :Gold Excellence Healthcare : WADE ASIA '19
Published : Surface: Mar '20


"Bouncing back to life"
"I am the force,
I am the strength,
I am the reason
and I am the effect"

Aquacentric is a water based therapy community rehabilitation center by Marico group.

Challenging times prescribe “Motivation and Guidance”. These subscribe to two things: conducive environment and inspiration unfolding right in of you. This center aimed to provide world-class and unparalleled rehabilitation therapy spaces through water, air and land equipment.

Centered around “aqua” it draws inspiration from gushing water. Just as it charts its path and carves its way through the rough terrain, by sheer resilience, It shapes whatever it touches and yet flows with ease. This guides the design ethos, CMFT and essence of experience through three kinds of exercise spaces, – on land, in the open area (Air) & in water. There is a premise of someone holding your hand on the path to recovery. Additionally, the open-plan ensures visual connection, enabling interactions with people who have recuperated. The pool space benefits from inverted mirror ceiling discs with indirect lighting, mimicking the daylight with comfortable lux level throughout. The discs also mirror and guide correct actions, while exercising in state of the art, temperature and PH level controlled pools.

The environment is neither apologetic nor patronizing, instead, it is empowering. The design ensures a feeling of ease, security, and comfort for all target groups namely children, elderly, differently-abled, pre / post-natal women and trauma patients. Clubbed with the technical intricacies of the state of the art equipment, this center is one of its kind in the world.