Awarded : Merit in Speciality store : VMRD ' 12


experiencing the virtual
"To see is to believe
to touch is to reassure
seeing, touching & feeling the virtual" is one of India’s leading e-commerce portals for purchasing jewellery. In order to create continuity in the transaction from the cyber world to real world experience in a physical space, they wanted to build an experience centre. The experience centre is in Mumbai. The challenge while building the store was to link the essence of online purchasing and browsing to the store. The essence of online shopping was the freedom to spend hours browsing without any pressure. The engagement was built through various interactive features.

In order to achieve this, it started with preliminary research which formed the basis of forming the touch points for the store, which were Invite – Educate – Inform – Explore – Engage – Enrich. These touch points that were located in the store to create a journey in the navigation.

This formed the base to decide the elements, materials and look and feel of the store. Interactive touch screens generated a link between the real world and virtual world. In terms of visual vocabulary, the space is form-less and is also gives a futuristic impression. But at the same time it was necessary to maintain a soft and luxurious feel. Hence the material were limited to glass, fabric and white duco paint on flexi-ply. Surfaces were kept to bare-minimum so that the products capture the customer’s attention. The props used for display were made for pvc pipes and silk, the silk added the softness to the look. To add to the experience, signature aromas were used as recall and trigger.