Figments studio

Figments experience lab is a multidisciplinary studio which blends behavioral science & design to create experiences through space, products & information. Experience & Recall are two key words that structure our effort. We sculpt brand environments through design for merchandise. The work focuses on building holistic experience.

The studio acts like a melting pot, where people from all discipline blend in together. The core-team comprises members from varied backgrounds including architecture, product design, interiors, accessory design and commercial arts, etc.

In addition to the in-house team, we work with long-standing collaborators from engineering, textile design, lighting design and graphic design. Each project draws effectively from the team’s specialization.

The studio undertakes projects in design and research. Research projects include product portfolio curation, product experience strategy, and consumer insight. Design projects encompass design of environment, objects & information dispensing

Each research & design project has a process of its own. The method includes varied techniques like brain-storming, theatrical enactment, mystery shopping, experience workshops etc.