Published in Retail Jewellers magazine April 2010


"experiencing fine over rough"
"Like a diamond,
I am rough to start with,
However only if you carve,
Will you see me sparkle"

A retail store for fine jewellery brand H. Ajoomal.

H. Ajoomal Fine Jewellery store is truly in keeping with the essence of retail innovation. A mere 200 sq. feet; each & every inch utilized judiciously, the H. Ajoomal designer jewellery boutique at Palladium speaks volumes on the creative style of the owner, Harshad Ajoomal, and the design team.

The main idea is rough and crude over fine and sparkle. The interiors of the store have a crude, unfinished cement walls with copper rivets that stand out against the luxuriously plush, shimmering silver velvet couched and shimmering jewels. The same crude texture is carried into the rough Kaddapa flooring in the storefront. Unlike other stores, mirrors and glasswork have been used sparingly. Mirrors are placed only at the strategic locations, for the clients to try out the product. Lighting and contrast is the key to the perception of luxury and value. The lighting in the store has is envisioned in three layers. “General lighting’ for desired lux levels. Special lens aided LED-fixtures to create well-lit ‘spots’ around spaces where the customers try out jewellery. ‘Focus lights’ in the form of warm shades to create special lighting inside the display cabinets and the vitrine. The façade takes over this store and leaves a lasting impression. “vitrine” manages to amalgamate fine and exquisite with fashion.

The design helps establish the brand as the unconventional, path-breaking yet quality-oriented brand. It helps bridge the gap of this category being approachable. Open façade builds trust, a key cornerstone in the jewellery retail segment.