"experiencing care through expertise"
"Because we are care,
Because we believe,
We feel right,
Because we are good for you"

Holland and barrette is legacy brand from UK, brought in India by Apollo.

Holland & Barrett is a hugely recognized health supplements brand from the UK since 1870. It has an offering of unearthed natural remedies for complicated medical conditions. The vast range of products includes – beauty, vitamins& supplements, weight management, sports nutrition, and healthy foods. In addition to showcasing the product strength of H&B, the stores needed to harmonize the symbiotic relationship between the two brands.

The idea was to design a global experience for an Indian customer, conveying the value proposition that Apollo pharmacy & Holland & Barrett (UK) together have to offer. The façade feature of “vitrine”, a lesser-used concept for pharmacies, fits well aesthetically and works with the younger target group. It helps bring health and self-care to the foreground and makes it relevant and indispensable. The use of colours from the parent brand, deep green, teak, and White as well as material usage helps differentiate the brand allocations in the space. The design celebrates the essence of natural elements through motifs and a hint of green as a flooring option in key areas.

The format is replicated and scaled into the various store across the country, maintaining the brand and design ethos. It assures its customer, the best in health and happiness with its health foods, natural remedies, and consistency. It confirms the same with its tag line ‘we are good for you‘.