Awarded : Merit in Green Initiative : VMRD ' 15
Published : VMRD magazine, July 2014 : Design : Retail, June 2015


experiencing touch
"The humble hoop
looped the earthen
in a light lantern"

IndiHANDS is a gifting brand which is based on Indian crafts. The team has worked with craftsmens across the country. This has given the team the exposure to an array of materials and techniques. Their product offering consists of lifestyle products and accessories that appeal to the urban crowd.

The store is located in Pune, in a prominent IT park. The location by itself is a contrast to the brand offering. To give the store a high point with context to its surrounding space, the store was designed on a basic objective of sustainability accompanied by traditional crafts.

Decision on material selection, production techniques, working energy cost & usage lifecycle were evaluated with respect to sustainability. The shutters of the store are fabric clad that’s folds when opened. While it is closed the store looks look a lantern from a distance. The display shelves are made of handmade paper. At the same time, the planning of the store is browsing centric, unlike a gallery set-up; the display is in an informal way. . A prominent design feature of this store is a hoop, which is often used by craftsmen.

The store design showcases a handcrafted sustainable approach in each aspect of it existence.