Awarded : Merit in Green Initiative : VMRD ' 14
Published : VMRD magazine: Jul ‘14
Published : Design : Retail (US), Jun ‘15
Published : Retail Design Blog : Feb ’15


experiencing tactility
"The humble hoop
looped the earthen
in a light lantern"

Indihands is a gifting brand with handicraft product range

IndiHANDS is a gifting brand specialising in Indian handicrafts. Working with craftsmen across the country has exposed the team to an array of materials and techniques. Their brand is built on lifestyle products and accessories meant for the urban crowd. Located in one of Pune’s IT parks, the flagship retail space contrasts with its surrounding space.

The retail design created by the experience lab integrates sustainability with traditional crafts. These decide the material selection, production techniques, working energy cost & usage lifecycle. To give the store a context, the store is designed to amalgamate clean line and sustainability. The design language needed to be relevant to the clientele but its rendition, such as material selection, production techniques, working energy cost & usage lifecycle, needed to be sustainable. The whole display setup is anchored on a prominent design feature, a leitmotif, a metal craft hoop. This hoop forms the structure for modular display, the ceiling and even the pattern on walls. The display shelves are made of handmade card paper, interspersed with craft description.

The foldable shutters of the store are fabric clad and make the store look like a lantern when closed. The planning of the store is browsing centric, However, unlike a gallery set-up; the display is in an informal format.

The store design showcases a handcrafted sustainable approach in each aspect of its existence. The design elevates the merchandise as well as the craft. It establishes respect for materials, the techniques, and the people behind.