Cover Story : Point of Purchase : Jun ‘15


"Prostylist experience at point of sale."
"A new me
now and here
anytime, anywhere"

Lakme is a contemporary Indian beauty expert and offers a wide range of high performance and world-class cosmetics, skincare products, and beauty salons.

The brief was to design Lakme footprint as counters, display units and multiple format shop in shop spaces, in the modern trade. The design was to showcase the expertise and its command on products that are ideal for a variety of Indian skin tones. The space needed to encourage the customer to experience and engage, try and enthrall as well as facilitate a sale. 

Lakme diva demonstrates how a specific regimen of skin care products and colours delivers the looks, thereby selling products as well. The process is associated with how each product is used, delivering a series of experiences. It is conceived as an oasis of glitz and glamour using lighting and texture. Large scale visuals and lit images, create the first moment of truth. Stress has been on the tactile and visual feel of textures. These elements play in the last one feet of customer interaction, ensuring intimacy, intricacy and expertise. By optimizing storage and display areas, larger space for mirrors and trial have been carved out, making customer trials the centre point of the experience. The touchpoints are synchronised with how each product is used which in turn delivers a series of experiences. The design language percolats to smallest of stand-alone counters in modern and general trade.

In all three pro stylist formats, the binding factor is the aim of communicating looks, the key essence of the brand and the backstage experience. The formats are designed to calibrate hyper-visibility, promoting the complete brand experience. The big lit L logo is successful in inviting a lot of people to come, interact with, and experience the service provided. The retail spaces use a distinctive jaali pattern and the “l” identity logo in various scales and forms. The retail design thus delivers a seamless luxurious experience.