Awarded : Best in Speciality store : VMRD ' 14
Published : Inside Outside : April 2014

Lakme absolute salon

experiencing backstage
"Saw her reflection
changed the look,
yet again walked the runway, called life ..."

LAKMÉ is a leading brand in the beauty & fashion world of India. The brand hosts four formats - Colours, Skin-Care, Salon and the Fashion Week. LAKMÉ ABSOLUTE SALON is the flagship property catering to the clientele looking for excellence in the world of beauty, fashion and glamour.

The salon was looked at as a space that could provide an unified experience of the brand, which compromised the four formats. To achieve this unified experience, the concept of a backstage was curated. So the salon became a pro-stylist space where the client would experience the preparation and process of arriving to a world of glamour and beauty which essentially, is the brand essence.

The space is divided in four zones which are hair, expert interaction, private space and other services which complement the formats. The space also hosted events, new arrivals/launch and promotions. This combination of retail and service makes the space dynamic, flexible and diverse.

The blend of the rawness of a backstage and the stark glamour of the brand was achieved by the use of black and white (brand colours) and other bright colours to add vibrancy to the space , textures and finishes and custom made silvers lights running continuously through the floors, walls and ceiling. To create an impact on the mood of the space materials like concrete, aluminium sections, brick, acrylic came together.