"Good health starts here"
"Good health
Good people
Good feel
Is enough to sail though turbulent waters"

Lupin Diagnostics Limited, a trusted network of pathology services across India is a 100% subsidiary of Lupin Limited.

Lupin Ltd. envisioned launching a diagnostic vertical, to provide best-in-class clinical pathology services to urban consumers. The brief was to establish the experiential parameters for both the front end and the the back-end of the Lupin diagnostic business to envision and design a state-of-the-art, modern diagnostics labs.

Formats ranged from a 55000 sqft National Reference Laboratory headquartered at Navi Mumbai, multiple Regional reference Labs, Satellite labs, and over 300+ collection centres all over India.

The experience for the brand centred around empathy. Visual cues and semiotics guide the user to feel the expertise of a precision-led lab. The aesthetic language is used as a tool to bring in the diametrically opposite feature of a sterile medical lab within a warm embrace of care-led space. Material palette factored maintenance, serviceability, and expansion as a parameter for choice. Defined circulation for sample, staff, customer and waste movement touch points in planning ensured and resulted in efficient workspace design.

In addition to designing the experience, detail design for a diagnostic lab is dominated by user experience, SOPs, technical requirements of machines, tools and other specific requirements like pressure-regulated clean room labs. A robust and intelligently designed mechanical and electrical service is a backbone that enhances and supports uninterrupted functional efficacy.