Awarded : Silver Winner- Public Building Interior Design Built, Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022.


"A peek into the ever evolving present"
"every great design
Begin with a story
But then
There are lots of stories to tell"

The Museum of Living History is a timeless piece of experience-centered design, a pulsating heart of the brand Mahindra.

This Museum, its narrative is design deviation from conventional showcasing and storytelling. Instead of being a just repository of objects, artefacts of importance, showcase and documentation of facts, this museum has a different take on telling the brand story.

It presents the narrative through specially commissioned art pieces that embody Mahindra’s core values and principles, its various businesses, its rich history, and its outlook toward the future. The chronicle is carefully curated, manifested through 4 mediums such as installations, films, objects and digital experiences. The mediums are physical as well as digital installations and they add depth to the stories and allow continuity. They are immersive in experience, move and respond to touch.

Built over an abandoned space at company headquarters, is a true example of restoration and bringing the space back to life. The space is designed as a fluid yet open plan, with galleries that visually connect. Interiors reflect a futuristic space, delicately balanced textures that seem to be in constant motion, planned to cocoon the viewer like a warm embrace, a perfect ambience to absorb the message and details of the art within.

The metaphor of progressing spiral/nautilus is depicted through the pulsating red blaze, a fabric light installation that runs through the whole space tying all the sections together. This ‘blaze’ in a way acts as a navigation tool, without needing to physically segregate sections. The blaze culminates in the vantage point in the museum, “the present”. Symbolism of the Banyan tree, depicted through flooring patterns, landscaping pivot and canopy on top of skylight reverberates the Group’s ever-expanding persona.