experiencing efficacy
"Just when I heard my song
the alchemist said
you are in your element, now"

Advanced care boutique SP Nioxin is the merger of professional hair care brand Nioxin & Wella SP of UK.

Advanced Care Boutique is the brainchild of two brands, Nioxin and Wella. Both focus on scientifically developed hair care and hair treatment products. The boutique is a merger, establishing an efficacy-led destination. The retail design scientifically delivers individual hair perfection.

The flagship retail space is currently located in New Delhi. Its design blends the iconicity of the two brands, as seen in the colour and product experience. The visual language is formed by choosing the soft curves from SP professional and the circle from Nioxin. White is a prominent colour in the retail space with bands of purple and grey running across continuously. This gives the retail design a clean and fluid feel. The retail space consists of a backwash station, hair station, consultation and retail section, the products placed alternatively. The experience design is thus diverse and high on energy.

For the advanced care, high-end boutique, the experience of efficacy was paramount. The clean, fluid design and efficient planning with immense attention to detail helped construct the narrative. The brand promise and the environment in which it is delivered were synonymous to each other.