experiencing efficacy
"Just when I heard my song
the alchemist said
you are in your element, now"

Professional hair care brand Nioxin effectively targets thinning and fine hair. Using advanced technologies based on skincare, Nioxin products promote optimum hair health from root to tip, creating fuller, denser-looking hair.

Wella SP is one of the most popular salon hair care ranges in the UK. Offering products that directly match your hair type

Since both these brands offer scientifically developed hair care and hair treatment products, they looked at a merger to establish an efficacy-led destination, which scientifically delivers individual hair perfection.

To design the store, which is currently located in New Delhi, the iconicity of the two brands were chosen and put together to exist in harmony the colour placement, product placement, visuals language.

The colour palette included white, shades of grey and purple.

The products were placed alternatively on one shelf and by choosing the soft curves from SP professional and the circle from Nioxin were used to form the visual language. White is a predominant color in the space with bands of purple and grey running across continuously. This gives the space a clean and fluid feel.

This small space consisted of a backwash station, hair station, consultation and retail section which makes the space diverse and high on energy.