PT Evara

experiencing blessing
"Affection that will bind,
memories that will be cherished,
for ever, for ever"

Evara Platinum range is a brand for exquisite new design collection of Platinum Indian Wedding Jewellery.

Evara Platinum range is an exquisite new design of Platinum Indian Wedding Jewellery. The brand essence is stated in three words; Pure- Rare- Eternal, based on the type of the metal used which is naturally white, highly resistant, and indestructible The word Evara is derived from 'vara' – a blessing.

This emotional aspect of blessing was used as a key code to articulate the visual language. This gave shape to the visual merchandise, which was called the blessing prop. The design process started with mapping customer aspirations from the brand, the material, and the product, also, the concept of celebrations and festivities in Indian weddings. The brand color, purple is subtle, used only in the background as the brand platinum is built on the purity of white. The blessing prop derived its form of soft curves, symbolizes “the hand on your head gesture”. It also echoes the form of brand identity. This form has been used as a key element in designing the props.

This project is implemented pan India, in different modules and scales of the footprint. Strong recall and visceral cues connecting the brand message and design ethos work seamlessly. The essence of experience is woven throughout the in-store experience, floating through from the signature aroma, to the carpet, cushions, down the coasters.