Awarded : Best Project : Behance Portfolio Review ' 14


experiencing uncharted
show what we know, but don't see
hide what we see, but don't know"

Rig is a clothing brand that designs apparels that are trendy and reasonable. Outdoor, Utility and Casual lifestyle, that’s the heart of this brand. Their clothing is specially designed for the free-spirited individuals. Those who love to take the uncharted off the beaten track. Always ready to travel, always ready to explore.

To develop the store, a design strategy had to be formed around the idea of community, oneness and freedom. The brief was to establish binding identity anchors for a user-group which is connected by choice of apparel. The anchors should be blended in space to create an experience that will connect them as a tribe; in-turn strengthens brand association.

To begin with, touch points were identified which were namely the display space, merchandise and stories which had to be in collaboration with the key anchors. These touch points were later given context by the utility, material decided. Materials were employed in their raw form to evoke oneness with the natural form. Visual Merchandising was build around silhouettes, evoking duality of the urban life. Elements were kept movable, to facilitate flexibility. The space could be used by bikers, trekker, photo-clubs for events.