"experiencing harmony and rhythm"
"The Squads, do their thing...
Drive in to play everyday
Everyday, stay-on to experience
the creation of yet another experience"

Wynk Studio is the work den for the Wynk music, an app based entertainment and music provider.

Wynk prides itself on its user-based selection of music. It is one of India’s most popular streaming platforms, offering a wide range of music, from Bollywood to Indie and beyond. Wynk workforce, which comprises of technical developers and engineering background essentially. Hence the idea was to live and create this app in the space where every element rings in rhythm and harmony and finds escape in its creative interpretation.

The Wynk Studio thus brings this ‘experiencing music’ into practice. Using a basic palette binder and simple organic forms, the experience studio has created a retro vibe. The space is further integrated with visual transparency.

The layout is able to complement change in team size and configuration. The space has the scope of creating semi-private and private spaces for focussed working. Green elements make the space come alive. The object design is inspired from music. The colour scheme complements the overall retro theme. Zones created are transparent with pockets of thinking and collaborative huddle points. Quirky spaces like a room full of iconic album posters, an agora central spaces for launches and shows, a place to play music, podcast studio, and custom made hardware and objects fashioned on musical notes resonate with the young theme. There are zones for multiple activities with functional semi-private and private for focused working. The entire experience has a flavour of friendliness and approachability.

Space needed to inspire and to excite. It motivates people to come and work for music and not for developing just about any app. The sense of pride, the excitement of the everyday music and media added to the buzz of glamour has resulted in employee retention and satisfaction.