"experiencing motion and power"
"I am the face,
I manifest the power,
I move places,
Yet I remain anchored in our belief"

As an object, the tyre enhances the narrative for the vehicle. With this objective, a platform-level philosophy was develop for CEAT tyre sidewall. The philosophy was interpreted for anchor products in key geographies.

Ceat tyre side-walls are designed to for 7 categories prevalent in India & Europe Market. These include mid sized SUV, SUV, Electric Vehicle, Winter tyres (SUV and sedan) & All-season tyres (SUV and van).

Each category has peculiar association with motion and power. A language of varied textures ranging from fractal pixels to feathers was developed to express the desired tyre persona in the category. A leitmotif, expressed in microns and millimetres of rubber etching, was prototyped for every tyre.

Care was taken to integrate the semantics between the design of treads and tyres shoulders. Mnemonics, were interwoven in the design to communicate the tyre properties and qualities.

While the sidewalls have been designed as a composition, each constituent element conveys a subliminal message. Various full scale models and simulations helped in keeping the design stay true to the essence, in static position as-well-as in spin.