experiencing design everyday
"It’s a melting pot
A cauldron of ideas
These are shaped here
These are nurtured here"

Figments experience lab is a multidisciplinary studio which blends behavioral science & design to create experiences through space, products & information.

The Figments experience lab is a multidisciplinary studio, combining behavioural science & design to create experiences through space, products & information. The lab constructs experiences through research-based design, using the two key principles of memory and recall.

The studio acts like a melting pot, where people from all disciplines blend in together. The core-team comprises members from varied backgrounds including architecture, product design, interiors, accessory design and commercial arts. The studio needed to be a free flowing space with modular and flexible setup which helps you to change nature of space as you want. All the furniture is light, you can flat pack the entire furniture in just 5-10 minutes and can be arranged in many configurations.. This was a functional as well as a creative need of the designers. Another biggest factor was light and lightness. Harnessing natural light and a neutral canvass of white panels makes the space larger and more relaxing. Custom designed planters dot the north facing windows and bring in colour, freshness and warmth to the otherwise bare canvas. Custom designed string and chord screens used as space divider add an element of playfulness and also talk about attention to design detailing.

The whole studio and its elements are touched by hand. It talks about how this studio got enriched by each passing member and how each one contributed to the cause of experience design. Starting from hand painted coasters to hand woven lighting, the studio helped in shaping careers and delivering design with passion.