Published : Point of Purchase: Nov ’13

INDIA DESIGN MARK – 2012 & 2013

"experiecing best amongst the good"
"I leave a lasting impression,
But I will keep shinning forever,
I may be here only like a flash"

India design mark celebrates good design in India by awarding “India design mark” to the chosen.

India Design Mark is a design standard, a symbol, which recognizes good design. India design council grants India a design mark after evaluating good design through a systemized process. Every year a jury come together to judge and award Good Design marks to the applicants. The exhibition is set up for the judging event and later on, is open to the public.

The exhibition, however, gets over in 2-3 days. It needs to be a formal set up celebrate, showcase and accommodate a large number of products, at the same time, it is ideal that it doesn't end up in junk and seen as an irony just as the usual practices. Hence, for 2 consecutive years, the concepts revolved are the reuse and second life, For the first show, the wooden ply was rented from the manufacturer and all the display platforms were done with stacking the panels, without cutting or nailing the ply. The ply went back to the manufacturer in the same state. For the second show, display, partitions, and divisions were done out of colour-coded cardboard boxes to create a wall, the cardboard boxes are given to Ganesh Mandals to use as packing materials for idols. Flex prints were given to bag manufactures to be recycled as trendy bags.

The exhibitions set an example of design sustainability. They also reinforced the power of empathy and thought.