"experiencing the process of design"
"Good design is..
Creativity and innovation,
but primarily
Knowledge and awareness"

“Design in India” is a pavilion in the “Make in India” exhibition, Mumbai 2021.

“Design in India” is the inception “Make in India” mission, a Government mission. “Design in India” pavilion was created within “Make In India” where global products, employing design, were brought out with easy production technique. Various institutes such as IIT, NID, Cultural Institute of India had participated.

Design and India, its frontiers, and its colours form the basis of the concept. Further, the zoning helps explain the process and journey of design and creation. Angular panels for display form design language for the pavilion and created a rhythm along the path as one walked past the aisle. Inspired from the Indian flag the colour palette included orange, green, white, and blue, The pavilion was designed and constructed in a way, that made people admire the process of design and think of it as an inevitable part of the manufacturing.

Inaugurated by Honorable Prime Minister, Mr Narindra Modi, it brought to light the importance that design holds in the journey of “Make n India". While people came around to celebrate technology and export-import, the pavilion made everyone sit and notice the still-nascent idea of design in India. Engaging with various products, along with celebrated designers and design education hubs, it was a mini-tour into the field.