"the best co working space"
"I reflect upon it
I put thoughts into actions
I do it at my own pace,
I do it in my own coco..."

Think space network is a co-working space, focused on quite, creative, personalized workspaces.

Most co-working spaces have perfect setups to meet the demand, so does ‘think space network’. However, what it offers, over and above, is an environment that fosters quality-thinking and encourages collaboration.

The experience starts at the entry with a sneak peek through thinking bubble-shaped windows. Space is divided into four kinds- cabins, a suite, a co-lab, and individual cocoons. Partial enclosures and privacy is achieved by creating handcrafted sliding panels with chile pine and cotton cords. The play of natural light falling into the room is accentuated by the two-toned grey scaled pattern on the wall. The Colour scheme is a play of grey scales which is accentuated by pops of redefined primary colours at strategic places, like seams and edges. Indirect lighting helps elevate the experience of working. It’s a welcome relief from functionality and adds an intimate work environment.

‘Think space network’ manages to create pockets of silence for those who desire it and at the same time it creates avenues for inclusion and interactivity through the quality of spaces and its detailing. Thinks space network, by the virtue of its planning and design, provides a perfect work environment and at the same time allows you to just be!