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"Be the change you want the world to be"
"Together we stand
Together we learn
Together we build
The world that’s free”

ZP school Wablewadi is a government aided zero waste Zila Parishad School.

The Zila Parishad School @Wablewadi Shirur is a case-study in Social Innovation. The project needed to reinvent government-aided Zila Parishad schools, which usually in India are basic in their offerings, design, and building construction. Not the case with this school where the principal wanted to create an impact.

Running on zero energy consumption, this school has an international level standard of education. Boasting facilities such as a Wi-Fi enabled campus, a sports centre, a botanical garden, and tablets for studying, the school has a 5000 students-long waiting list. This school is designed by the experience studio to appeal to its students, and has an amazing success rate. The school is extremely sustainable; the classrooms are designed to be completely open with wide floor-to-ceiling windows. The sun and air is welcomed in, making the classrooms zero-energy structures. There are rainwater-harvesting tanks placed under the classrooms, which provide water for the botanical gardens. A science lab, a robotics lab, and a music room which doubles for the computer lab have been included in the design as well. Each of the design parameters has had a cascading impact on the minds of the young children, who study in this curiosity-led learning environment.

Social Impact: Impact on the village and the villagers’ appreciation of the value of education. Instils a sense of pride and an identity in the villagers.

Impact on Education Policy: The Ojas & Tejas (Hub and spoke model) where one school leads the way for the other.

Pedagogical Impact: Peer to Peer learning.

Environmental Impact: Zero Energy consumption, makes a case for building to be sustainable without lead certification.

Widely hailed as a revolution in a government-aided rural school has received a lot of media and appreciation for its design, sensitivity and effortless sustainability.